Hours of Operation

For the month of May, K-12 Connect will be changing its hours to Monday-Friday 11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. and Saturday 12:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.  

Right now K-12 Connect is closed through the summer for improvements to be made and specialized programs to be run. Updates will be provided as soon as general program plans for the fall are made clear.


The K-12 Connect program is a free resource for all families and students.

The cancellation link is in given in your confirmation email. If you are canceling less than 24 hours in advance, please email k12connect@gvsu.edu.

If it is seen that you’ve no-showed more than three times, all your future appointments will be canceled. K-12 Connect values the time and energy of both students and tutors/mentors.

Towards the end of your tutoring session, let your tutor/mentor know you would like to set up recurring sessions with them. With your tutor/mentor, decide on the day, time, and link moving forward. They will set up the recurring sessions for you.

There are two ways you can reschedule an appointment:

  • One way is to cancel the appointment and search for another tutor/mentor. 
  • The second way is to contact k12connect@gvsu.edu and someone will help you reschedule.

To connect with your tutor/mentor, reply to the confirmation email sent to you to connect directly with your tutor/mentor.  Another method is to contact k12connect@gvsu.edu and a K-12 Connect Specialist can forward you to your tutor/mentor.

Please be patient, everyone will eventually be let in. During high volume times there will be longer waits with the check-in process. You are welcome to arrive 15 minutes early to be let into your breakout rooms.

“Alexa took time to prepare by getting my daughters favorite books! This was a productive tutoring lesson, and my daughter enjoys meeting with her tutor. Thanks so much!”

-K-12 Connect parent

Signing Up

Not yet. To finish signing up, you must complete a parental consent form under Step 2 on the Find a Tutor or Find a Mentor pages. Without a consent form for every participating child, you will be unable to join your session.

If you are experiencing difficulties with signing the consent form, try using another browser. Issues are known to occur when using Internet Explorer, so make sure you are using Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or others.

This means that the tutor/mentor made a mistake when entering their availability. Please email k12connect@gvsu.edu and include the tutor/mentor's name in your message so a K-12 Connect Specialist can work with them to fix this problem.

No! You can sign up multiple children under the same account.

When this happens, it means that currently all of the tutors for those subject areas/grades have been booked. Please check back often as tutors update their availability weekly and additional tutors are added every 5-10 days.


Some tutors/mentors have indicated in their profile descriptions that they are interested in working with students who require special education. However, K-12 Connect does not yet have a filtered field at this point specifically for special education.

Currently, K-12 Connect does not offer tutoring in music, but this may change in the future. As for language, the program currently offers tutoring for Spanish, as well as have tutors available for German, French, and Chinese. Additional languages will be added as tutors indicate they are available to tutor.

Tutors will not be bringing content or curriculum to the session. Try reaching out to your teacher to see if they can provide additional materials that you can work on with your tutor.