Become a Volunteer Tutor

“Since I started tutoring I have worked with the same little girl every Wednesday. Her mom and dad both work full time and they have four kids, so they have an extremely busy day-to-day life. Her mom has expressed how big of a help it is to have her daughter's math homework completed and to have someone who can take time and practice her spelling words with her.”

-Ali Thompson, junior



Volunteer tutors are encouraged to commit at least 2 sessions per week throughout the semester to support K–12 learners with homework help and concept understanding.  



Background Check


Every individual working with a K–12 student is required to have a background check on file. Once you apply, watch your inbox for an email from GVSU HR with a link to complete the background check online. 

If you have any concerns with the form, please contact



Once you apply, you will receive a link to join K–12 Connect's BlackBoard site. This site details and houses all training and orientation materials you will need to complete. 

All training and orientation hours will count toward volunteer hours.

Verify Your Service Hours

If you are interested in having your K–12 Connect service hours verified, please complete the following verification request form:

Service Hour Verification Request

Once your hours are verified by a K–12 Connect specialist, you will receive an email with a signed certificate to use as proof of participation in the K–12 Connect program.