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While our mission of education has withstood the test of time for decades, how we go about fulfilling this mission has continued to evolve. In order to proactively prepare and design our services and capabilities, we will be embarking on a collaborative process of creating our digital roadmap. On this journey, leadership from students, faculty, and staff will be of critical importance in enabling our University's strategic priorities and needs. 


Information Technology Division is proactively engaging our community of students, faculty, staff and administrators in gathering experiences, needs and priorities as we work together to create our collective digital future.


A Digital Maturity Survey was developed to gather faculty and staff perspectives on the digital maturity of the university. 

Workshops in April and May were scheduled with key stakeholders on campus to discuss three strategic areas:

  • Teaching & Learning
  • Student Experience
  • Recruitment and Administration

Info-Tech Research Group led the conversation with GVSU input. 

Stay tuned for additional opportunities to help shape the university Digital Strategy!