Outlook Web Client Control Features

Control your voicemail via your Outlook Web email account

  1. Login to the Outlook Web client at http://mail.outlook.gvsu.edu/
  2. To access voice mail settings in the new Outlook on the web, select Settings   > View all Outlook settings > General > Voice mail.

  3. To access voice mail settings in classic Outlook on the web, select Settings   > Mail > General > Voice mail.

  4. To access voice mail settings in Outlook for PC, select File > Manage Voice Mail.

Additional instructions can be found on the Microsoft Support website.

Call Answering Rules

How to Setup Voicemail to Transfer to Someone Taking Your Calls - FYI - the rule only applies if the call comes to your phone first, then kicks into voicemail. If your phone forwards to another person (receptionist, your back-up, etc.) and doesn't automatically transfer into voicemail, the rule will not apply.
Additional Information on Call Answering Rules