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Outlook Web Client Control Features

Control your voicemail via your Outlook Web email account

  1. Login to the Outlook Web client at
  2. Click on Options, top right
  3. Click on See All Options
  4. Click on Get readable voicemail in your Inbox
  5. Tasks you can manage from here
    • Call Answering Rules
    • Reset PIN
    • Outlook Voice Access
    • VoiceMail Preview
    • Greetings
    • Play on Phone
    • Notifications


Call Answering Rules

How to Setup Voicemail to Transfer to Someone Taking Your Calls - FYI - the rule only applies if the call comes to your phone first, then kicks into voicemail. If your phone forwards to another person (receptionist, your back-up, etc.) and doesn't automatically transfer into voicemail, the rule will not apply.
Additional Information on Call Answering Rules