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General Information

GVSU Main Telephone Number: 616 331-5000

GVSU Allendale Campus Switchboard Operator: Dial 0

Outside Line: Dial 9

Campus Prefix: 331

Internal Calls:
Dial last 5 digits when calling campus offices, fax machines, student living centers or apartments.

Outside Calls:
Local: to reach a non-university number within the (616) area code dial 9 then the seven-digit number. (it is not necessary to dial 616 or 1- 616).

Long Distance: dial 9+1+area code then the seven-digit number.

Toll Free Calling:
To call a toll free number - dial 9+1+8xx+number. 

Voicemail: Outlook Exchange Unified Messaging:
Direct Access Siemens Users: From off Campus 331-8888 - From on Campus 18888 Direct Access CISCO Users: From off Campus 331-9999 - From on Campus 19999

Forwarding Siemens/Rolmphone Users From on Campus only: 18888
Forwarding CISCO Users From on Campus only: 19999

Moves, Adds, & Changes:

Installation requires a telephone work order and management approval. Submit a work order through the Information Technology Phone/Data Services website.

Alterations to a phone setup are accomplished via submitting a work order through Information Technology Phone/Data Services website.

If your phone does not work properly, submit a repair phone work order