Public Folders in Outlook for Mac

  1. Click on the Tools Menu in the ribbon
  2. Click the Public Folders Button

Click on the Tools menu in the ribbon.

3. Click on the Barter Board and then click on the green Subscribe button. This is also where you would go to unsubscribe to the Public Folders.

4. Close the window.

Subscribe to Public Folders

5. In the main Outlook 

window look below for

Subscribed Public Folders. 

Click on the arrow in front 

of the folder to open it. 

You will see the Barter 

Board in the list. 

Click on it to open it.  

arrow on subscribe folder

Posting to the Barter Board

6. At the Top of your Mail Folder list is Favorites. Alt Click on Favorites to get the Add Public Folder to Favorites

Web Client Public Folders

7. To the right of the webpage a list of Public Folders Appear. Select each folder you want and click Add to Favorites Star at the top. Repeat for Each Folder you want. Click to the left of the Public Folders pop out to return to your mail.

Add Pub Folders to Fav

8. To post to the Barter Board, go in to the web client, to Favorites and click on Public Folders. Then from the New Menu Select Post

View Public Folders in Fav on OWA

9. Fill in your information and click on Post.

click on post