Printing - On-Campus

Where Can I Print?

You can print at any GVSU lab on campus during their open hours. Open hours are posted here as well as the location of the labs.

GVPrint is a cloud based printing solution that allows GVSU students, faculty and staff to send documents to the cloud and release the print jobs at specified locations around campus.

How does GVPrint work?

Step 1: Upload your documents to the cloud using one of the following methods:

  • Login to a GVSU Lab computer and print your documents to either GV Print 1 or GV Print 2 (They will be listed as printers)
  • OR send an email with the document as an attachment from a GVSU email account to
  • OR Login to with your GVSU network credentials and upload documents to the cloud.

Step 2: Release your documents

  • Locate a print release station.  More print stations are coming soon!
  • Scan your GVSU ID card or enter your network credentials.
  • Release documents you wish to print.

GVPrint Limit Rules (View Updated Policy for Fall 2018)

  • Per job limit per student – 40 printed/copied pages (if duplexed, 20 physical sheets)
  • Per semester limit per student – 500 printed/copied pages (if duplexed, 250 physical sheets)
  • Printers that do not have a GVPrint Print Release station or printers in teaching classroom do not have print limits.
  • The GVPrint Release Stations will show the tracking of the pages based on a cost model.
    • The cost model will show each student account with $5.00 to begin the semester to represent 500 pages per semester.
    • Note that this does not mean that printing costs .01 cent per printed page, it is just a method of tracking the printed pages.
    • You cannot add money to the system to increase your page limit.
    • You will not receive a refund if you do not print all 500 pages.
    • The cost per job will show on the GVPrint system before you release a job and will also show your total balance
  • To see your balance of Cost/Pages left to print at any time, you may login to GVPrint at
  • The documents on the cloud are erased if not printed within 24 hours.
  • You are not able to adjust format settings on the printer. To adjust format settings, print to a pdf file, then print the pdf file with GV Print.
  • If you wish to send documents from a non-GVSU email address, follow the same directions as above and you will receive a reply from that will allow you to register your email.

How do I see my print balance?

You may see your print balance in two different locations:

  • When you go to release a job from a GVPrint Release station, you will scan your student ID card or enter your Network ID and password. Once you are authorized, you will see your jobs in the queue. You can release any or all of them. At the bottom of the display, it will show a cost of the pages to be printed and an overall balance.
  • Login to the software at Here you can see your total balance at the bottom of the landing page.

GVPrint release station cost and balance.

GVPrint Documentation

Additional Printing Resources

  •  The GVSU Copy Center also prints student materials for a fee. Their services include Black & White and Color Copies, Transparencies and Bindings (NOTE: The Copy Center website can only be viewed on campus or via the VPN)


Page last modified June 5, 2018