Posting a Message in a Shared Folder

  1. To view the Shared Folders, click the three dots at the bottom of your left pane (Navigation Pane).
Folder View in Outlook 2010

2. Click on the word Folders.

Public Folder

3.  You will then see All Public Folders. Clicking the small arrow to the left of the folder name will expand the folder. Note that at this time, there are no options for posted messages from the main email screen.


4. Click on the folder that you want to post a message in and then click New Post.

New Post

5.  Enter a Subject and a message. You can also attach files such as pictures to your post. After you have composed your message click on the Post icon to post your message to the shared folder.


6. Once you are done with posting messages Click on the Mail icon at the bottom left of the Navigation screen to return to normal view.


Page last modified June 14, 2019