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Panopto will be replacing Ensemble Video and Relay.

March 14, 2018

Panopto will be replacing Ensemble Video  and Relay.

eLearning and Emerging Technologies are excited to announce that Panopto will soon be replacing TechSmith Relay, our current screen and lecture capture software and Ensemble Video, our video-hosting platform!  Relay has been a great option for anyone who has wanted to record simple PowerPoint presentations or create a short videos to share with others, but users have had limited editing and closed-captioning options and Panopto will allow us to overcome the limitations associated with Relay/Ensemble.   

Some of the Panopto features that we are most excited about include:
*Ability to edit the beginning, middle and end of the video
*Assessment questions (such as true/false, multiple choice, discussion reflections and short answer questions) can be integrated with videos
*Closed-captioning capabilities!!  
* Panopto’s “Smart Search” automatically indexes every video you have in your library. That means all your recordings and video presentations can be searched easily and students can easily jump to specific areas within the video.
*Students will also have the ability to record their own videos using Panopto’s recording software.

The migration to the new video semester will take several weeks and we have scheduled several Panopto hands-on workshops throughout the month of May which will be repeated all summer long.   You are encouraged to register for Panopto workshops in Sprout (also see the attached calendar and handout of workshop offerings).  Please note that Relay and Ensemble will be maintained until the migration of current recordings into the new Panopto system is completed but we ask that you spend some time reviewing your videos in Ensemble and start to remove any videos that aren’t necessary (such as past student video projects).   Insert sentence here about cutoff date.

If you would like to learn more about what Panopto has to offer please visit Panopto's website.  Specific questions can be directed about this Panopto migration to Justin Melick or Hunter Bridwell. 

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