IT Technology Supply Office

The IT Technology Supply Office falls under the Information Technology umbrella and is used to purchase computer equipment (laptops, desktops, printers, peripherals, etc.) with GVSU funds only. The IT Technology Supply staff works closely with all areas of IT and is up-to-date on the latest policies, guidelines and trends for such purchases.   IT Technology Supply has access to special educational pricing and works with reliable vendors.  Because prices, availability, and specifications change rapidly in the ‘tech world’, we request that you send an email with your desired selection(s) to to obtain current up-to-date pricing.

Institutional Purchases

Personal Purchases

IT Technology Supply Policy

Information Technology requires all GVSU funded computer hardware and software orders be purchased through the IT Technology Supply Office.  Purchasing computer hardware and software, with the intent of being funded by GVSU, outside of the IT Technology Supply Office is prohibited and will not be reimbursed.   

If there is a computer technology request that cannot be fulfilled by the IT Technology Supply Office, the requestor must state the reason for the purchase and receive approval from the IT Technology Supply office before the purchase is allowed.   The IT Technology Supply office will consult with the CIO and other IT members to determine if the purchase is best made outside of the GVSU standards.  Security as well as functionality will be considered in this decision.

Purchases made outside of the IT Technology Supply Office should be funded via an approved GVSU purchasing option and not purchased by an individual to ensure tracking and logging of GVSU property. 

If a purchase outside of the IT Technology Supply office is allowed, it will not be supported by IT.  GVSU licensed software will not be installed and printing will not work on a network printer. 

The IT Technology Supply Policy can be found at IT Policy and Procedures.

GVSU Computer Purchasing Guidelines for

Academic and Student Affairs Division

Information Technology assists in purchasing computers for faculty and staff in the Academic and Student Affairs division.  Please check with the IT Technology Supply Office to see if your computer purchase may be centrally funded.

Positions where a new computer will be placed with IT approval:

  • Approved new line positions
  • Tenure and tenure-track faculty positions
  • Affiliate faculty positions

Positions where a recycled computer will be placed with IT approval:

  • Adjunct and visiting faculty
  • Student/Graduate positions
  • Part time positions

The replacement of computers is contingent upon many factors, such as:

  • does a computer ‘tune up’ solve the issues
  • software applications 
  • position and purpose
  • age of computer
  • work order history

Non-Academic Divisions

Non-academic divisions are responsible for providing funding for all faculty/staff computer requests.

Recycled computers, if available, will be placed for student positions within non-academic divisions.

The replacement of computers is contingent upon many factors, such as:

  • does a computer ‘tune up’ solve the issues
  • software applications 
  • position and purpose
  • age of computer
  • work order history

IT Technology Supply Procedures

Information Technology tests and reviews both Macintosh and Windows computers and selects approved models based on security requirements, functionality, operating on the GVSU network and compatibility with GVSU classroom technology. 

Supported software is centrally licensed to provide the best pricing. If the requested software is not supported, the IT Technology Supply Office will recommend the best purchasing options.

To improve your computing experience, the approved computers are equipped with appropriate software, security, backup features and interoperability with other systems on campus. Purchasing an IT approved computer will allow the IT support groups to work with you on both hardware and software issues. 

The IT Technology Supply Procedures can be found at IT Policy and Procedures.

Computers - Depending on your position, GVSU may provide a new or used computer for your job. 

  • Contact your department administrative assistant for assistance in securing a computer
  • Computer purchase typically consists of: computer, monitor, keyboard/mouse, docking station
  • One computer per employee.  There are instances where a computer may be shared amongst two or more employees.
  • All other division computer needs are funded by the individual department

Replacement of computers is contingent upon many factors, such as:

  • does a computer ‘tune up’ solve the issues
  • software applications 
  • position and purpose
  • age of computer
  • work order history

Re-assignment of GVSU computers

  • Contact Information Technology Helpdesk whenever a computer needs to be reassigned to a different faculty/staff member
  • Computers that cannot meet current supported standards will be removed from service by IT
  • Computers removed from service may be replaced by a supported recycled computer (if in stock) or in some cases, the department may have to purchase a new computer
  • Computers must be properly provisioned for the user of the machine in order to ensure up to date security and network protocols
  • It is prohibited for any department outside of IT to image a GVSU computer for re-assignment

Retired Machines and Equipment:

  • Requests should be made to the IT Helpdesk to pick up retired GVSU computer equipment
  • GVSU owned computers are not to be sold or issued for non-GVSU use without approval from Information Technology.  GVSU computers will be given to the GVSU Surplus Store once determined that they are no longer supported on the GVSU network.


  • Personal printer requests must be funded by the requesting department
  • Personal printers are not to be used wirelessly on campus
  • Network printer purchases must be approved by IT Technology Supply Office to be supported on the GVSU network


  • Standard software supported on all GVSU computers:
    • Outlook - email client
    • Microsoft Office Suite
    • Anti-virus protection
    • VPN Client

Software in GVSU’s student computer labs must be requested through IT Helpdesk:

  • ·Funding must be approved by department or request to IT for consideration
  • Lead time for installation is a minimum of 4 weeks
  • No guarantee that software will work in lab environment
  • Faculty are required to test software requested prior to using it in a course

PDF Solutions:

Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription:

  • If you need Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Audition, Bridge, Fireworks, Flash Builder, Flash, InCopy, Prelude, Media Encoder, Scout, Speed grade, Premier Pro, After Effects, Dreamweaver, Muse, Edge Animate they are all grouped in a bunch under the yearly subscription.
  • If you need the yearly subscription (must be approved and funded by the department), email for the latest pricing and order form.

Personal Devices

  • Personal wireless routers are not allowed on the GVSU network
  • Personal computers and mobile devices (allowed on the GVSU network for Internet connectivity only) are not supported by Information Technology

Page last modified June 12, 2018