IMAP/POP Setup for Faculty/Staff GVSU mail

These instructions are for devices that do not support a direct connection to Microsoft Exchange.

IMAP/POP will only synchronize email to your device. Your calendar, contacts, and task lists will not be synced to your device.  

If you would like to use IMAP/POP please contact Computer Authorizations at [email protected]  to have your GVSU faculty/Staff account activated to use these protocols.


IMAP/POP Settings

Incoming server settings 

username (not email address)


IMAP*:  Port #:  993  Protocol:  ssl

POP**:  Port #:  995  Protocol:  ssl  

Outgoing server settings   

SMTP:  Port #:  587  Protocol:  START TLS (or TYL)


*IMAP - If your device has the option, we recommend that you set how many days email is locally stored. This will conserve space on your device

**POP (not recommended)  Downloads the content of your email to your device potentially consuming a great deal of space and removing it from your online Outlook account.

We recommended using the web client at for most devices.

Page last modified August 21, 2019