Managing your Network Data

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Network Data Storage Space Limits effective June 10, 2013 are:

  • 100GB limit for network data storage space that is backed up by IT
  • Network data storage space is intended for GVSU work related materials
    • Personal pictures, music, movies, games, files should not be placed under the network locations that are being backed up
  • Email alert will be sent to individual if network data storage space reaches 90GB or more
    • Email will indicate that you are 90GB or more and suggest options for reducing your network data storage space
    • Immediate attention is required to prevent backups from failing if network data storage space exceeds 100GB
  • If GVSU work related materials exceed the 100GB limit
    • Individual determines least used files to be removed from the backed up network data storage space and stored on local hard drive, external drive, USB, etc.
    • Alternative backup strategy is the responsibility of the individual

Failure to comply may result in incomplete backups and/or loss of data.

For more information, please see and click on Faculty/Staff and then Managing Your Network Data Storage.

Questions/concerns should be directed to the Information Technology Helpdesk at or by calling 616-331-2101.

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