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Outlook 2016

  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Add a Signature
  • Add Holidays to your Calendar
  • Add Public Folders to Favorites
  • Address Book - Initial setup
  • Contact Groups - Add/Send
  • Change Permissions
  • Create a Mtg from Email
  • Create an All Day Event
  • Creating a Quickstep Email
  • How to Recall a Message
  • Junk Mail Handling
  • Recover Deleted Items
  • Retract Message
  • Searching/Filtering Emails
  • Searching/Filtering Calendar
  • Setting up Automatic Reply
  • Setting up Appts & Mtgs on Someone Else's Calendar
  • Sharing the Calendar - All
  • Sharing the Calendar - Specific
  • Sharing a Specific Contact Group
  • View Images within Email
  • View/Post to Public Folders
  • Viewing Another Calendar
  • For additional support please visit Microsoft Office Support.

Delegate and Manage Access for Someone Else:

  • Option 1a-Delegate 'Send On Behalf Of'
  • Option 1b-Manage 'Send on Behalf Of'
  • Option 2a-Delegate 'Send As'
  • Option 2b-Manage 'Send As'

Sharing a Folder

  • Share the folder
  • Open the shared folder

Home Setup

Outlook 2013 or 2016

  • To remove unneeded names from Address Book cache; click here .
  • Click here for Outlook 2016 training courses videos and tutorials provided by Microsoft Office Support.