Create a Meeting from an Email in Outlook 2010 for Windows

Let’s say you’ve received an email containing attached documents from a colleague, who asks that you set up a meeting to discuss. With Outlook, it is a simple matter of a few clicks of the mouse.

  • Right-click on the email item and select Move from the list of options, then select Calendar from the sub-menu of options.

Move Calendar

  • The Appointment window will open

Appointment Window

  • Click on the Invite Attendees button if you want to have others at the meeting.


  • Adjust the date and time if necessary and Hit Send. Note the envelop icon is embedded in the message area of the email. All attendees will now have a copy of the meeting documents. Double-clicking on the icon will open that copy of the original email with any attached documents. That’s it!

Note: For more detailed information about Messaging and Calendars or other Outlook capabilities, click on the Blue Question-mark in the upper right-hand corner of the page. This will bring up the Outlook Help panel.

Outlook Help

Page last modified January 24, 2017