Clear Print Jobs

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If you need to stop a print job before it has finished, follow these steps to cancel it.

  • Select 'Devices and Printer' under the Start button menu.

Start Menu - Devices and Printers

  • Double-click on the printer that is printing the job(s) you want to cancel.

Devices and Printers Window

  • Click on the job you want to cancel and then select 'Cancel' under the Document pull-down menu.

Printer Queue Select 1

  • If you want to cancel all of the print jobs listed, perform a select-all command (Ctrl a) to highlight all of the print jobs and then select 'Cancel' from the Document pull-down menu.

Print Queue Select Multiple

  • Verify that you want to cancel all of the selected print jobs by clicking on the 'Yes' button.

Delete Print Job Confirmation Window

  • The jobs have been canceled and removed from the printer queue.

Empty Print Queue

Note: When cancelling print jobs on network printers, you can only cancel jobs in which you are listed as the owner.

Note: If you need to cancel other users print jobs or print jobs from a lab/classroom printer; call the IT Helpdesk at 616-331-2101.

Page last modified July 27, 2015