Add Public Folders To Favorites In Outlook 2016

  1. Select the three horizontal dots at the bottom of the Outlook Home Page and click on folders to ensure that you are in Folder view.

Folder View in Outlook 2010

Public Folder

2. Open up the Public Folders and then the All Public Folders to see complete list.


3.  Right click on the folder you wish to add to your Favorites and select Add to Favorites

Add to Favorites

4. Click Add 

add to favorites window

5. This will add the Public Folder (Barter Board) to the Favorites under Public Folders

Public Folders

6. Right click on the Public Folder that you just added to the Favorites section and select Show in Favorites

Show in Favorites

7. Click on the Mail View on the bottom left hand side

Mail View

8. Open up Favorites at the very top of the left pane to see the Public Folder in the Favorites


9.  Repeat for all Public Folders that you wish to show in Favorites on the Top Left Pane. Remember that you must be in the Mail View to see the Favorites at the Top of the Left Pane.

Mail View