Science Nights

Our preservice teachers provide outreach to elementary and middle school students from local school districts in after-school Science Nights. The Integrated Science (ISCI) Program runs 2-3 Science Nights per semester. These nights provide an opportunity for elementary/middle school students and their parents to engage in some hands-on science activities while providing ISCI students opportunities to gain some early structured interactive science instructional experience. The activities that we use for the Science Nights are the Discovering STEM kits provided by GVSU’s Regional Math and Science Center. At the Science Night event, ISCI students work in teams of 2-3 to facilitate an activity. Students are responsible for: (1) reading through the materials beforehand & running through the activity to understand how it works; and (2) getting families started on the activity, facilitating their use of the activity, and calling time to keep the activity moving along. Some courses in the ISCI program allow students to use participation in a science night and the writing of a reflection paper regarding this experience as an option for one of the course projects. Additionally, this is something that students can include in their ISCI portfolio that they construct in the capstone (SCI 495).

Upcoming Science Nights:

  • Woodbridge Elementary, September 25th
  • Sibley Elementary, October 28th
  • Godfrey Elementary, November 4th

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