Where to find us

The Social Innovation Graduate Program is housed in the Integrative, Religious, and Intercultural Studies (IRIS) Department, which is located on Grand Valley's Allendale Campus in 324 Lake Ontario Hall.

The Academic Coordinator for Social Innovation, Justine Kibet, can be reached directly at kibetjus@gvsu.edu or (616) 331-8058; her office is 167 Lake Michigan Hall. The Graduate Program Director, Dr. Azfar Hussain, is available at hussaina@gvsu.edu or (616) 947-2233 and can be found in 240 Lake Ontario Hall.

Office staff are available for assistance Monday - Friday, virtually or in-person, from 9:00am to 4:00pm EST.

Courses within the Social Innovation Program are usually taught in hybrid format, meeting online and on GVSU's Pew Campus, located in downtown Grand Rapids. 

Contact information for faculty members who teach in the Social Innovation Program can be accessed via the IRIS Department Faculty and Staff Directory.

Social Innovation Program Office Locations