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Fall 2021 Senior Showcase Stan Krohmer Senior Project Award

Fall 2021 Senior Showcase Stan Krohmer Senior Project Award

Each Fall and Winter, the IRIS Department recognizes outstanding senior projects through two awards: the Wendy J. Wenner Senior Project Award and the Stanley Krohmer Senior Project Award. The Krohmer Award is named after a long-time IRIS faculty member, Professor Stan Krohmer, an internationally recognized painter, poet, and photographer. The Krohmer award recognizes outstanding senior projects that showcase creativity and liberal education mindedness.

Fall 2021 Stan Krohmer Senior Project Award winner: Brielle Friar "Accessibility to Doula Care"

A few words from Brielle:

"Ever since high school, I have always been interested in working within the labor and delivery field, but I didn’t want to be medically involved. I had always known about doulas, but I didn’t fully become interested in them until I had experienced premature labor and delivery with my 7 month old daughter, Eliza. I realized that doulas weren’t readily available to certain populations due to many factors which is why, for my project, I created a doula non-profit for women of color in low income areas. My passion is to increase doula accessibility, achieve more empowered births, and decrease poor birth outcomes. 
I feel great about finishing my degree! The journey to obtaining it hasn’t been easy, but it’s been worth it. I don’t see this as an ending point, but as a beginning to my future endeavors. 
Integrative Studies has impacted my college career by allowing me to focus on my true passions.  It has allowed me to observe the bigger picture on social and diversity issues while also allowing me to create plans for change.
I’m honestly surprised. I created this project out of passion and gave all of my effort. I genuinely enjoyed creating this. It feels very good to have my work recognized, and I hope my topic will bring more awareness to this issue."

Congratulations Brielle! 

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