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Congratulations to our student award-winners who received Excellence in Discipline Awards!

Congratulations to our student award-winners who received Excellence in Discipline Awards!

Miranda Bryan is a double major in Religious Studies and Religious Studies with a minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. She studied abroad in Chine in 2018 and is president of GVSU's Model United Nation's Team. "I’m incredibly excited about being recognized for religious studies. It has been the most rewarding major to pursue and has opened me up to so many beautiful cultures and people. Having conversations with my classmates—sometimes difficult, sometimes emotional— has made me a better person and helped me understand others at a deeper level, something that could not have happened anywhere else but in this program."

Brooklyn Lipponen is an artist from Sault Saint Marie whose work was also recently featured as part of a special exhibit of work by Native American artists in the Haas Center for Performing Arts at GVSU. My degree in Integrative Studies has been meaningful for me as I was able to create a degree that I was passionate about and that would help me facilitate change for marginalized communities. My goal is to do work that benefits my Anishnaabe community and other Indigenous communities. With that said, moving ahead as I graduate, I know that this degree is going to help me do that work and I feel extremely confident because of the knowledge I’ve gained and because of how supportive my advisor and professors have been. 

Yeram Leonard works as a Records Assistant in the GVSU Registrar's Office in addition to her work in Social Innovation. She grew up in Papua New Guinea. "In a fast-changing and virtually interconnected world, there is an emphasis on interdisciplinary practices in both academia and professional spaces. As someone who is interested in cross-cultural communication, PMASI offers just that. I genuinely enjoy my classes and will continue to geek out on life and raw topics discussed in this program. SI is the new cool! Also, props to my dad as his mantra shaped my life: "The present is the future." In other words, the effort and attitude I have in the present moment will determine the kind of person I will be in the future."

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