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Field trips and paper airplanes

Fall 2021 brought numerous opportunities for students in Professor Anthony Meyer's INT 100 (Reflect, Connect, Engage), INT 301 (Interdisciplinary Research Methods), INT 310 (Creativity) and  INT 314 (Life Journeys) to experience the application of learning in the real world.

INT 100.09 and INT 301.02 students went on a tour of the Padnos Recycling and Sustainability Education Facility in Grand Rapids.

INT 310.03 found students collaborating through engaged learning activities.

INT 314.08 students found space to reflect on the theme of identity in relation to the natural world, making tea by boiling Basswood buds, White Pine needles, Rose Hip, Yellow Birch shavings, and Honey Locust pulp. With a little bit of honey, this made a delicious, nutrient-rich tea directly from mother earth.  

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