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Not everyone learns the same way. Variety is our strength.

Do you already have an associates degree? Or do you want to complete your Bachelor's Degree in the shortest time possible?

Consider LEADS.  The LEADS (Lifelong Educational Attainment for Diverse Students) Program delivers an integrative studies bachelor’s degree PLUS a certificate in one of four skill categories that employers are asking for by name – leadership, data analytics, project management, or global communication. And it’s all integrated into your bachelor’s degree, so you get more value without more time or cost.

LEADS is particularly designed for students who are 24+ years old, have 2+ years of work experience, and possess a high level of motivation. Courses are offered in 6-week, primarily online formats that require students to meet just two Saturdays over the course of their programs on one of GVSU's regional campuses - Grand Rapids, Holland, Traverse City, or Detroit. Students can enter the program throughout the year and most finish their degrees in two years or less.  To learn more or to explore whether this is the right program for you, please call the GVSU Center for Adult and Continuing Studies at (616)331-7180 or visit this link to request more information about Adult and Continuing Studies.

Can't decide on a single major? Want a degree program that values your full range of academic and working experiences and helps to count that toward your Bachelor's Degree? Or perhaps you just want to design your own major to fit your range of interests, creativity, and commitment to innovation? 

A Bachelor of Science (BS) or Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Integrative Studies may be the right choice for you. The Integrative Studies Program offers a significant number of courses in online and/or hybrid formats, including a new Hybrid Pathways Initiative that supports part-time enrolled students (and others) to complete all of the major's core requirements in 2 years while attending physical classes on the Allendale campus just 5X a semester in Fall and Winter. We also offer plenty of early morning and 1 day/week, evening options to support working students, student-athletes, and those who are balancing a variety of work-life demands. 

Do you want to stand out in the job market? Employers across a whole range of sectors from business to health care, government, social service, education, and non-profit work look for employees who can work with diverse people and are globally minded. No matter what your current major, we offer options that can turn your dossier from ordinary to extraordinary. 

The Religious Studies Program offers a minor that can be completed online if desired and combined with any major on campus, as well as a variety of course options that satisfy General Education Foundations and Issues requirements. Students considering graduate school may also benefit from the new 4+1 Program with Western Michigan University (WMU) that allows Grand Valley students enrolled in the Religious Studies Program to count up to 12 credits of undergraduate coursework toward a Master of Arts in Comparative Religion at WMU.  Religious Studies classes are offered online or hybrid, with a variety of 1 day/week meeting options.

No matter how intensive your major requirements or work demands, the Intercultural Competence Program offers certificate and digital badge options that can be attained through fully online or low residency models. This program gives you the skills needed to interact sensitively and effectively with the rich diversity of people in our increasingly global world, including right here in West Michigan. The 9-credit ITC Badge is available to both non-degree and degree-seeking students and can be earned fully online. A 15-credit ITC Certificate can be earned in as little as 3 semesters or less. 


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