Responsible Conduct of Research Training

Grand Valley State University is committed to ensuring the highest ethical and professional standards in scholarly endeavors, including respect for all participants and credit for all contributors. Training in Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) is a critical step in imparting best practice standards for GVSU faculty, staff and students. 

All GVSU graduate students are required to complete Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) training – please check with your research mentor or graduate program director to determine which RCR Training program is required. GVSU undergraduate students who have internal funding (e.g. McNair Scholars, S3-Student Summer Scholars, MS3-Modified Student Summer Scholars, and students paid on GVSU R&D grants) must also complete RCR Training – please check with your research mentor to determine which RCR training program is required.  NSF, NIH, and GVSU R&D funded research requires RCR training.

All researchers named on a Institutional Review Board (IRB) protocol are required to complete RCR concise training as well as human subjects protection training. Click here for more information about training requirements.

Among others, the RCR Training requirement can be fulfilled online through the CITI. Upon completion of the online course, a certificate can be downloaded and attached to the initial IRB protocol application in IRBManager.