IPE Diagnosis Fun

Welcome to the Virtual IPE Diagnosis Fun page!

The purpose of this event is to allow a space for students to create an Interprofessional (i.e. two or more students learning from, with, and about each other) Health Education session for elementary age students using Michigan's Health Education Content Standards

Below you will find some excellent presentations from GVSU students on a fun and engaging health-sciences related topic for elementary-aged children.

The hope is that these videos will be both informative and engaging, as they all include activities that can be enjoyed together between children and their caregivers or teachers!

Please enjoy these videos and a big THANK YOU to all of the students at GVSU who came together (virtually) to make this event a success!

Blood in the Body Activity - Krista Davis & Noelle Kaminski

In this video you join GVSU students Krista Davis (Recreation Therapy) and Noelle Kaminski (Athletic Training) as they teach you about the important role of the blood in our body, and lead you in a fun hands-on activity that you can try at home!

Nutrition Activity - Jamie Hulteen & Matthew Lewis

Watch as GVSU students Jamie Hulteen (Masters in Speech Language Pathology) and Matthew Lewis (Athletic Training) discuss the importance of proper nutrition and then join in a fun nutritional activity that you can participate in along with your child! 

Nutrition and Physical Activity - Alex Coon & Jake Pajk

Enjoy this video created by GVSU students Alex Coon and Jacob Pajk (both in the Masters in Athletic Training program) as they cover a wide array of topics related to nutrition and physical activity. Stay tuned to the end as you get to practice making health choices and incorporating exercise in to your daily routine!

Personal Health and Wellness - Katrina Kurowski & Ana Gomez

Watch this exciting video by Ana Gomez (Allied Health, Emphasis in Physical Therapy) and Katrina Kurowski (Recreational Therapy) as they discuss the importance of personal health and wellness and lead you in activities that you can do at home to further illustrate the importance of good self-care and emotional well-being!

Exercise is Fun! - Hava Topolski & Andrew Lowe

Join Hava Topolski (Masters of Public Health) and Andrew Lowe (Athletic Training)  in learning about the importance of exercise, goal setting, and different ways to stay active at home. Enjoy!

Bone Health, Nutrition and Staying Fit - Gabrielle Brancheau & Sydney Goll

Watch this excellent presentation from GVSU students Gabrielle Brancheau (Speech and Language Pathology) and Sydney Goll (Masters of Athletic Training) as they talk about ways to keep your bones strong and healthy and maintain an overall active and fit lifestyle! 

Keys to Proper Nutrition - Katelyn Norbeck, Amada Monsivaes, & Gabrielle Horton

Join Katelyn Norbeck (Athletic Training), Amada Monsivaes (Master of Athletic Training), and Gabrielle Horton (Speech-Language Pathology) as they unpack the keys to proper nutrition. In this presentation they cover proper dietary recommendations and provide some great resources for keeping kids healthy!

Fun, Friends and Food! - Maria Robison & Stephanie Voelck

Have fun watching this video presentation created by Maria Robison (Physical Therapy) and Stephanie Voelck (Occupational Therapy) as you learn about the importance of staying active through many fun and interactive games! Also learn important lessons about how to communicate with others and make new friends! 

Nutrition and Physical Activity - Amanda Woods, Emily Reynolds, & Katherine Mullins

Enjoy this excellent video presentation created by Amanda Woods (Recreation Therapy), Emily Reynolds (Speech Language Pathology) and Katherine Mullins (Masters of Athletic Training) as they teach you about nutritious fruits, vegetables and other foods - including many new sources of nutrition you may never heard of! Also learn creative ways to have fun and eat well!