History of the Organization

Brief History of Seidman IPO (formerly Finance/Investment Club):

The GVSU Finance Club originated in 1976 by a group of students who were interested in investing in the stock market. The club was initially funded by the Seidman Endowment. This money has been invested over the years and has appreciated to the amount that it is today. The GVSU Finance/Investment Club recently changed its name to Seidman IPO (Investment Portfolio Organization). The name is only one of many major changes as the organization reformats itself to become more structured and more centered around the Portfolio Management aspects. The number of members in the club has grown to over 71 active members as of the Fall 2017 semester, with hundreds of students on the club's mailing list that attend throughout the year. The goal of our portfolio is to outperform the S&P 500.

A brief overview of IPO:

The club's goals are to foster interaction among students interested in investing and to enhance their career opportunities. The functions of the club include regular meetings, trips, speakers, and social events. Students will get the opportunities to speak with successful business men and women throughout the year. Unique internship opportunities may arise for members. Another one of our goals is to give students a clearer idea of what they want to do after graduation and help them take the steps necessary to meet their future career goals.

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