Executive Board

Westers, Samuel

Samuel Westers - President

Major(s): Finance

Graduation Date: April 2019


  • Family Capital Management - Investment Analyst (October 2017 - July 2018)

As President of the organization, Sam is responsible for the day to day operations, as well as leading all meetings. He oversees the roles of other executive board members and participates in routine meetings with the e-board members on organizational topics like event planning, organizational goals, member growth and innovation. He also meets withe the portfolio management board to discuss investment topics such as portfolio strategy, implementation of stock pitches, and routine trading practices. 

Hobbies: Studying & trading the markets, playing soccer, woodworking, brewing beer, & spending time with family & friends.

Email: westesam@mail.gvsu.edu

Connor Remer

Connor Remer - Vice President of Operations

Major(s): Finance & Accounting

Graduation Date: April 2021


  • Gottschalk Management - Condominium Director

As Vice President of Operations, Connor is responsible for all fundraising and volunteering efforts, as well as assisting the President in event planning. Additionally, the secretary reports to Connor. 

Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, sailing, & playing lacrosse.

Email: remerc@mail.gvsu.edu

Cody Nissenbaum

Cody Nisenbaum - Vice President of Portfolio Management

Major(s): Finance and Economics

Graduation: April 2019


As Vice President of Portfolio Management, Cody is responsible for managing the assets of the portfolio, integrating investment and allocation strategies, as well as executing all trades. Additionally, all portfolio managers report to Cody. 

Hobbies: Kayaking, going to the beach, playing sports, watching movies/tv, playing board games, & hanging out with friends.

Email: nisenbac@mail.gvsu.edu

Matthew Kutcher

Matthew Kutcher - Vice President of Marketing

Major(s): Marketing & Sales

Graduation: April 2019


  • Mortgage Banking Development Intern Quicken Loans

As Vice President of Marketing, Matt is responsible for all communications to the student body regarding information and knowledge regarding Seidman IPO. Additionally, Matt manages all social media accounts and advertising/promotions.

Hobbies: Snowboarding, fishing, playing sports, & hanging out with family & friends.

Email: kutchema@mail.gvsu.edu

Samuel Moffett

Portfolio Manager of Consumer Discretionary

Major(s): Finance and Accounting

Graduation Date: April 2019


Hobbies: Hanging out with friends, watching and playing sports, playing chess, tracking the Forex and Stock Market,and traveling.

Email: moffetts@mail.gvsu.edu

Kaitlyn Berg

Kaitlyn Berg - Portfolio Manager of Energy and Industrials

Major(s): Finance and International Business

Minor: Spanish

Graduation Date: December 2018


  • Hayworth - Incoming Corporate Finance Intern
  • Calder Capital - Investment Banking Intern
  • Gecamin - Corporate Finance and Accounting Intern
  • Archer Huntley Financial Services - Financial Advising Intern

As a portfolio manager, she is responsible for managing and advising trades for the energy and industrial sector. Kaitlyn has three years’ worth of experience as an active member of IPO and a year worth of experience as the energy and industrial portfolio manager. She also was an analyst in the portfolio management class this past year, actively managing a portfolio of $300,000. Kaitlyn has competed in both the CFA Research Challenge and the ACG Cup. Kaitlyn is also on the e-board for Hearts for Heroes, a volunteer club on campus and an active member of the Laker Marching Band.

Hobbies: Biking, reading, and traveling

Email: bergkai@mail.gvsu.edu

Joel Devoursney

Joel DeVoursney - Portfolio Manager of Financials

Major(s):Accounting and Finance

Graduation Date:April 2020

Internship(s):Merrill Lynch - Financial Advising internship

Hobbies: Going to the beach in the summer time, reading, exercising and working out, Studying, and playing hockey.

Email: devourjo@mail.gvsu.edu

Austin Wingett

Austin Wingett - Portfolio Manager of Healthcare

Major(s): Finance

Graduation Date: April 2019


  • Raymond James Internship (Summer 2018)

Hobbies: Reading, Hunting, Fishing, and chasing a golf ball.

Email: wingetta@mail.gvsu.edu

Jalen Gipson

Jalen Gipson - Portfolio Manager of Technology

Major(s): Business Economics and Finance

Graduation Date: April 2020


  • PNC Bank Risk management internship (Summer 2018 - Pittsburgh, PA) 
  • Mercantile Bank-Commercial Credit Intern (Grand Rapids)

Hobbies: Reading, and playing NBA 2k or Madden

Email: gibsonja@mail.gvsu.edu

Ben Glasco

Ben Glasco - Treasurer

Major(s): Accounting and Finance

Graduation Date: April 2021


  • Student Accountant in GVSU Controller’s Office

Hobbies: Paintball, baseball, football, hiking, fishing, and being with friends and family

Email: glascob@mail.gvsu.edu

Julia Hofmann

Julia Hofmann - Secretary

Major(s): Accounting and Finance

Graduation Date: December 2021


  • Swad & Company CPAs - Accounting Intern

Hobbies: Photography, yoga, volunteering, playing board/card games, and watching Netflix

Email: hofmannj@mail.gvsu.edu

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