Dialogue Spaces

Inclusive Discussion

The social justice centers are committed to creating inclusive spaces for dialogue and discussion. Each center hosts a regular series open to the community. Students, faculty, and staff can expect open, honest discussions about culture, identity, and current events.

Fall 2018 Events

Lived Traditions Conversations (1:00-2:00PM, 2266 Kirkhof Center)

  • 10/1/19
  • 11/5/19
  • 12/3/19

Open Door Discussions (12:00PM, 1161 Kirkhof Center)

  • 10/3/19: Bi the Way: Exploring the misconceptions, stereotypes and realities of Bisexuality
  • 11/7/19: But You Don't Look Queer: Exploring fashion and gender presentation through LGBTQIA+ and ally lenses
  • 12/5/19: Setting Precedence; Gay Straight Alliances and their Impact Throughout the Years

Conversations of Color (12:00-1:00PM, 1240 Kirkhof Center)

  • TBA

Talk Back Tuesdays (12:00-1:00PM, 1201 Kirkhof Center)

  • TBA

Feminist Film Friday (2:00-4:00PM, 1201 Kirkhof Center)

  • TBA