Laker Connections Student Success Programs: Student Registration

The Laker Connections Student Success Programs -- Brothers: Black Male Scholars Initiative (designed for Black men), Laker Familia (designed for Latino/a students), Niara (designed for women of color) and Queer Connections (designed for LGBTQIA+ students) are designed to create an environment where students can achieve their full potential at GVSU while being their full, authentic selves.

These programs are open to all students and a reflection of our values of inclusiveness and diversity and our core mission of student success. While the individual programs vary slightly, here are the primary pillars for Laker Connections:

  • Community & Civic Engagement
  • Mentoring
  • Leadership Development
  • Academic Support

Returning and New Participants: complete this form register for Brothers: Black Male Scholars Initiative, Laker Familia, or Niara. Visit to submit a Queer Connections (for LGBTQIA+ students) registration form.

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