Laker Connections Student Success Programs: Mentor Registration

The Laker Connections Student Success Programs -- Brothers: Black Male Scholars Initiative (for Black men), Laker Familia (for Latino/a students), Niara (for women of color) and Queer Connections (for LGBTQIA+ students) are designed to create an environment where students can achieve their full potential at GVSU while being their full, authentic selves. These programs are a reflection of our values of inclusiveness and diversity and our core mission of student success.

Each Laker Connections Student Success Program is designed to address the additional challenges that students may face at college due to their identity. Research tells us that students of color, LGBTQIA+ students and women may experience isolation, pressure to assimilate, loss of culture and individuality, and a lack of mentors that look like them – realities that impact both student satisfaction and retention. 

While the individual programs requirements vary slightly, here are the overall expectations for mentors in Laker Connections:

  • Connect with your mentee in person (for coffee, a meal, an event, etc.)
  • Communicate with your mentee over email
  • Respond to requests for status updates and feedback from program coordinators
  • Attend programs/events related to Laker Connections (or of interest to students) as you are able

Complete this form to serve as a mentor for Brothers: Black Male Scholars Initiative (for Black men), Laker Familia (for Latino/a students), or Niara (for women of color). Mentor Training Options: September 10 (11:00am-12:30pm, 2266 KC) or September 18 (3:00-4:00pm, 2201 KC). Visit to submit a Queer Connections (for LGBTQIA+ students) mentor interest form.

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