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IB Careers in Economics

Economics IB Professionals are involved in economic research, international trade, banking and international business development. Career titles may include Economic Research Analyst, International Trade Specialist, International Business Development Associate, Free Trade Agreement Specialist, etc.


International Business Development Associate


This position will support the Company's overall business development efforts in targeted international markets. Daily responsibilities will include quantitative and qualitative review of project and market opportunities, competitor assessment, and preparation of bid proposals, applications and other tendering-related documents. The position may include the supervision of consultants, and will at times require substantial self-direction.


  • Assist in formalizing the Company's international development strategy, including the establishment of internal processes to prioritize markets, screen project opportunities and facilitate project execution. Some international and domestic travel required (less than 15%)
  • Prepare and maintain region-specific product positioning, general marketing and Company overview materials, as well as industry, market, project and competitor databases
  • Create presentations and memoranda for internal and external audiences, including senior management, customers, partners, investors, governments, financing sources and others
  • Design and maintain financial, market analysis and forecast models, as well as other analytical tools
  • Conduct quantitative and qualitative due diligence on new commercial partnerships, project opportunities and other strategic initiatives, to include drafting term sheets and assessing structuring alternatives
  • Assist in preparing project proposals, policy memorandums, and competitive bid responses or other tendering-related documents, including gathering, synthesizing and verifying information from across the Company
  • Coordinate, support and direct internal and external resources, leveraging engineering, technical, project finance, legal and regulatory subject-matter experts within the Company or with external partners
  • Support and coordinate customer/client interactions with the Company's global partners, stakeholders and influencers


International Trade Compliance Specialist


The International Trade Compliance (ITC) Specialist position requires significant experience and working knowledge of all relevant U.S. Government export and import regulations including, but not limited to International Traffic in Arms Regulations, Missile Technology Control Regime, Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms Regulations, Department of Commerce Regulations, and Homeland Security Administration Regulations.


  •  License determination, preparation, implementation & management: Technical Assistance Agreements, Amendments, Re-baselines, DSP-5, DSP-73, DSP-61, General Correspondence, CCATS, Commodity Jurisdictions, ATF permits and other U.S. Government authorizations. Operates D-Trade and SNAP-R for transmitting licenses and agreements. Ensures export licenses, agreements and records are maintained in accordance with U.S. Government regulations.
  • Supports day-to-day trade compliance activities and provides guidance to internal customers regarding, the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), Export Administration Regulations (EAR), boycott legislation and regulations, U.S. Customs regulations, and the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.
  • Review various types of export transaction requests such as Proposals, Briefings, white papers, foreign travel, foreign visit requests and makes appropriate export control determinations to ensure compliance with export regulations and law.
  • Develops and implements Internal Control Plans to ensure compliance with license's Limitations and Provisos issued by the U.S. Department of State.
  • Maintain an effective and efficient flow of export and import controls related to international shipments to include compliance and adherence to Export Administration Regulations, U.S. Customs Regulations, and other applicable government agencies.
  • Prepares import and export documentation including shipper's letter of instructions, pro forma invoices, entries, etc., and assigns commodity classifications, tariff codes and other information to ensure compliance with federal regulations. Process AES filings and other documents with the U.S. Government for international shipments. Interacts with U.S. Customs, freight forwarders and/or Customs Brokers regarding import/export issues.


Free Trade Agreement Analyst


The Free Trade Agreement Analyst reads, comprehends and ensures compliance with government or trade-group regulations. S/he works with some autonomy in the role and must possess effective communication skills to manage communication across business functions along with the proficiency with MS Access and Excel required to manage databases, analyze data and create reports. The Free Trade Agreement Analyst provides support services to the Import/Export team and works with key stakeholders in Law, Regulatory Affairs, Import/Export Logistics, Customer Service, Procurement, Marketing and Sales to support execution of the global Free Trade Agreement (FTA). Spanish language skills highly preferred.



  • Responsible for Free Trade Agreement (FTA) validation, documentation and duty abatement savings tracking.
  • Serve as the primary contact for all issues related to FTAs.
  • Conduct product evaluation to determine FTA eligibility and document the certification process per department standard operating procedures (SOP).
  • Prepare FTA certificates of origin for customers.
  • Maintain internal FTA documentation per SOP in a Microsoft Access database.
  • Communicate directly with internal and external customers on FTA requirements and execution.
  • Collaborate with internal manufacturing, purchasing and finance to acquire needed product information.
  • Perform annual FTA solicitation to acquire product information used in the certification process from external suppliers.
  • Review vendor compliance data and coordinate with Regulatory Affairs to resolve discrepancies.
  • Interacts with brokers to supply NAFTA related information and HS codes. 
  • Review monthly data from brokers, audits for duty discrepancies, and files NAFTA duty drawback claims, or amends any entries that are noncompliant.
  • Consolidate and report monthly duty abatement resulting from FTA activities.


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