FAQs: Why study International Business?


International Business is an exciting career path for people who enjoy different cultures, love to travel, and want to learn how business is done around the world.

Companies big, mid-sized, and small sell products, source materials, and engage in business ventures in many different countries. They need talented people who understand the complexities of international business transactions, and who can think and act on a local and global scale. International business helps you learn to understand the intricacies of doing business with people in other countries, and find technically and culturally appropriate ways to solve them.   



Why does the IB major have two business majors?

Companies want to hire people who have international competencies and strong capabilities in a functional business discipline.  As an IB graduate, you are likely to start your career in one area, such as accounting, marketing, finance, or supply chain management.  Having that second major and a language minor gives you two more sets of competencies that let you better compete for those positions.

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Which foreign languages can I study?

You can earn a minor in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Russian and Spanish.  You may study other languages too, if the International Business Program Director approves.

Can I complete this program in 4 years?

Yes, you can. That’s why it’s important that you create your four-year study plan by meeting with your academic advisor as you start your freshman year, or as early as you can.  


Where can I study abroad?

You can study abroad with GVSU programs in nearly 35 countries and take business or foreign language courses. You can also find programs provided by external, non-GVSU study abroad providers. Take a look at the study abroad section of this website to explore your options. 

What kind of career might I have as an International Business graduate? 

You might work in marketing for an international consumer products company.  You might get a position in logistics for an international freight forwarding company.  You might work in business development for a company that helps other companies expand into international markets.  You might work in the treasury department for a company that does business in half a dozen companies around the world.  You might be a CPA for an accounting firm that has clients in 14 countries. A degree in International Business opens doors to exciting careers. Learn about many of them on the IB career site.


Page last modified December 7, 2015