Photo of a study abroad destination in Italy.


Do I have to speak a foreign language to study abroad?

Not necessarily. Most business study abroad programs are taught in English. A basic knowledge of the country’s native language is always a plus though.


What are the GVSU and SCB requirements to study abroad?

You must have completed one semester at GVSU and be admitted to the Seidman College of Business if you intend to take 300/400 level business courses abroad.


How can I finance my trip?

Most of your financial aid applies to study abroad. You may also qualify for additional financial aid for study abroad. Read the financial aid & scholarship quick guide information and attend the PIC Funding for study abroad workshop.


Can I take non-business classes while abroad?

Yes. You can take a combination of business and non-business (GenEd) courses abroad. It is strongly recommended that you meet with the Seidman Undergraduate advisor to review your course options.


Can I earn my last 30 credits abroad?

Yes. If you do a GVSU-approved study abroad program, it’s the same as earning credits at GVSU. Be sure you review what courses in your major must be taken at GVSU. Also, you can study abroad even after you meet all of your GVSU degree requirements.


What if I don’t find a program that fits my needs?

You can choose from many programs offered by other organizations. Talk to the Seidman study abroad advisor for more information!


If Study Abroad credits transfer as credit/no credit, do they still count towards my BBA degree program?

Yes. Study Abroad is the exception to this rule. Grand Valley wants you to study abroad, so we have extended this opportunity so that you can study abroad without worrying about how grades/credits transfer within a partner program.





Page last modified October 20, 2020