Melanie Murphy

Melanie Murphy

Melanie Murphy, B.B.A. Supply Chain Management, 2017 (International Business Minor)

I studied at the University of Deusto during the Winter Semester 2016. It was always a dream for me to study abroad in Europe. I chose this program because it offered both business and Spanish classes in Spain. The program also offers the ability to travel in and around Spain to gain more knowledge about the area and Europe.

My favorite experience while abroad was staying with a host family. It was amazing to come home to a family every night and practice my Spanish. They really helped me fully immerse myself into the Spanish culture and loved me like I was part of the family.

I plan on using my experience abroad in my everyday life by taking on new adventures, talking with everyone, and helping out my community. I am also a new student ambassador for the University of Deusto so I plan on encouraging other students to also study abroad.

The extra-curricular activities I took part in while abroad was travel as I went to 13 different countries and a different continent during my 4 months abroad. I also tutored three young teenagers every week in English.

My study abroad has helped me exponentially in the real world because I am able to discuss different parts of the world and give examples of certain situations I was in while abroad that has helped me become a well-rounded individual. From living with a host family, being in Brussels minutes before the bombing, and traveling with only a backpack, I have learned the value of being able to adapt and communicate in many situations.

A large factor that influenced my experience was communicating with friends and family back home in the states. During my time abroad, I was in the process of interviewing for a prestigious Supply Chain Manufacturing scholarship called R. Gene Richter Scholarship. It is only for second semester juniors who have declared a major in Supply Chain Management or similar field. I had to be available when it was convenient for the scholarship committee so often that meant very late night calls or conversations online while I was traveling. Though it was hard work, it paid off and I, along with 5 other students nationwide, won and have been opened up to countless new connections and networks for the future. My advice for anyone who is studying abroad is to take on challenging tasks in your country as well as work hard at keeping up those relationships back home. They will be vital when you return.

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