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GVSU International Business programs strives to provides students with the best preparation and experience, through internships, networking opportunities, and career resources, to launch them into their international careers. 

Each year, Seidman International Business hosts several events that allow students to learn about international career opportunities and connect with employers. 

The Careers in International Business event and the International Business Career Expo are annual networking events that showcase careers in international business. Companies that do business internationally explain their businesses, the type of talent talent they want to attract, and the opportunities they may have (including internships and regular positions). Students who have international business skills, cultural competence, and strong functional business skills should attend these networking and learning opportunities, all majors welcome!

Currently, Seidman International Business programs offers internships in many different countries including:

  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Paris, France
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Madrid, Spain
  • London, United Kingdom
  • ....And many more!


IB Expo

IB Expo


International Internship Spotlight


Miguel Perez Vives, Reed MIDEM, France

"I was always fascinated by the French history, culture, language, and gastronomy. One of of my favorite experiences abroad was during my summer program at ESSCA. For the International Marketing course we had to do a mystery shopping at Cartier, a world known luxury jeweler. We had to pretend that we had a budget of 2,000 euros (2,500 dollars) for buying a gift. Afterwards, we valued the service, the product, the staff, and the store to make an analysis of luxury Marketing at Cartier. Throughout the year there were many different art exhibits at my favorite museum in Paris, Pompidou like the exhibition of Jeff Koons. Also, I went many times to the theater, which is one of my hobbies and I was able to watch there some French classics like Le Malade Imaginaire from Moliere. Being abroad had a positive impact on my education because I learned a new language, and also I learned to do business from a European perspective. Consecutively, what I've learned at GVSU and during my study abroad has helped me already achieve my internship in Paris and I think in the future it can help to find a job anywhere in the world."



Alexander J. Parkyn, Haworth, Germany

 "Alex Parkyn is an International Business, Marketing and German triple major. Alex took the initiative this summer and set his sights high on a Marketing internship in Germany. Carrying nothing aside from hundreds of copies of his German Lebenslauf (resume) and the will to overcome any obstacle in his way, Alex hopped on a plane, with his life packed in a few suitcases, and upon landing found himself in the middle of Frankfurt, Germany. Instantly he hit the ground running and took every opportunity he could find to network, interview and bring his personal brand to market. With each opportunity Alex bettered the sales pitch of his life: himself. The end result was that after months of searching and facing all the hardships of being in a foreign land, Alex found an internship at one of the world’s largest office furniture suppliers: Haworth GmbH in the small town of Bad Münder, Germany where he went on to intern for over two months this summer. Alex is a motivated individual who has aspirations of a personal and professional life in Germany upon completion of his studies. Alex is proud to be a Laker for a Lifetime."

Going Global

GVSU is proud to announce access to Going Global, the leading provider of career and employment resources for evaluating, selecting and transitioning into a successful career in a foreign country. Going Global’s database contains Country Career Guides, USA and Canadian City Career Guides, corporate profiles, worldwide job and internship openings and a proprietary collection of H1B visa employer listings.

Find out more by visiting the GVSU Career Center here.

Current Internship Openings

Laker Jobs, Grand Valley's full service employment system, is a convenient way to find job openings and internships, domestic or international. Start your search here!


Internship Credit

Have questions about what type of credit you can get with an international internship? Wondering how an international internship will affect your financial aid? 

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