International Business Careers in Economics

Economics IB professionals are involved in economic research, international trade, banking and international business development, and many other areas.Their expertise in economic analysis brings value to companies when assessing how policies affect their markets.

Some examples of careers for Economics IB majors include:

International Business Analyst

International Business Analysts support companies' overall business development efforts in targeted international markets. Responsibilities include quantitative and qualitative review of project and market opportunities, competitor assessment, and preparation of bid proposals, applications, and other tendering-related documents.

Trade Agreement Analyst

Trade Agreement Analysts read, comprehend and ensure compliance with government or trade-group regulations. Trade Agreement Analysts provide support services to the Import/Export team and work with key stakeholders in Law, Regulatory Affairs, Import/Export Logistics, Customer Service, Procurement, Marketing and Sales, to support the execution of Trade Agreements.

Companies where our Economics IB alumni are currently working:


Mercantile Bank

Fifth Third Bank

GFT Global Forex


Merrill Lynch

Steelcase Inc.



GVSU student in Paris.

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GVSU student during their study abroad experience.


GVSU student during their study abroad experience in China.

Economics Related Certification Programs:


Certified Chartered Economists ChE CEPA


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