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How do I declare or change my major, minor or concentration? How do I request a new advisor? Undergraduate students can add or change a major, minor or concentration as well as request a new advisor in myBanner. After logging in, select the 'Student' tab followed by the 'Student Records' menu option. From the Student Records menu, click on the last option titled 'Change Major.' Once your request has been submitted, an email will be sent to the department responsible for the requested major, minor, concentration or advisor for their action. Graduate students cannot change their major via myBanner. A new admissions application must be submitted for the new program.

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Transfer a Course
If you are considering taking a course outside of GVSU, you will want to make sure that the course will transfer back. The best way to do this is to check the Course Equivalency Guide for the Michigan school you will be attending. The left hand column will show the other school's course numbering system and the middle column will show the GVSU evaluation of that course. If you are attending an out of state school you should provide the advising center with a course description of the course you intend to take so that it can be evaluated prior to taking it.

All students considering transfer work should also confer with your advisor to ensure that the course will achieve the goal you intend it to.

You should also be aware that GVSU requires that your final 30 credits toward your degree must be in residence at GVSU. You should not plan to transfer credits within that last 30 credits.

In addition, GVSU requires that 58 credits of your 120 credit degree be completed from a senior (or 4-year) institution.

Michigan Guest Student Application
If you will be attending another Michigan institution for the purposes of taking a course or two to transfer back to GVSU you should complete the Michigan Uniform Undergraduate Admission Application. You will complete Part I and submit the form to the GVSU records office for completion of Part II. You can then turn in the form to the admissions office of your intended school.

To have the course work applied to your GVSU record, you should send an official transcript to GVSU Records, 1 West Campus Drive, 150 STU, Allendale, MI 49401 upon completion of the course.

Page last modified May 24, 2017