LIB 100/201 Co-Curricular Mentor Program

We are very excited to be continuing our peer mentor program to support students in LIB 100 for the 2019-2020 academic year! The peer mentor program is designed to support student persistence and retention by strengthening the co-curricular component of LIB 100 and increasing student and faculty knowledge of campus resources. Peer mentors will engage students more deeply in the co-curricular experiences, enhance service learning opportunities available specifically to LIB 100 and 201 students, and increase student and faculty awareness of and access/referrals to existing GVSU support services. We have hired a team of four peer mentors for the winter semester.

Below are the ways LIB 100 students and instructors can interact with the mentor program:

Instructors can:

Request a mentor visit your LIB 100 class to briefly highlight co-curricular event opportunities and introduce campus resources. Mentors can conduct additional class visits to highlight upcoming co-curricular events and service learning opportunities. You can request a mentor visit to your class by calling the Brooks Advising Office at 331-8200. Mentor visits cannot be scheduled during the first week of classes.

Request a mentor to conduct a resource tour for your LIB 100 class.  Mentors will conduct a 45 min. tour visiting various sites on campus. Again, you can request a mentor conducted  resource tour by calling the Brooks Advising Office at 331-8200.

Students can:

Participate in a service learning experience facilitated by the mentors in collaboration with the Community Service Learning Center. There will be 5 service learning trips offered specifically as approved co-curriculars for students in LIB 100 and 201; each will be a 4 hour block of time and will include transportation. Each experience includes a reading to complete beforehand, facilitated discussion en route to the site, and context and history from the site contact about the work of the group in reference to the communities that agency serves. Students can complete the Activate online training in advance in order to have a deeper understanding of the complexities of community engagement work. Sign-ups for these experiences will be available on the integrative learning co-curricular calendar.

Attend a “hosted” co-curricular event and participate in a short discussion afterward. Each mentor will be responsible for attending at least one co curricular event per week and engaging students in a short discussion after the event to help students identify learning outcomes and connect event to course content. The ILA office will help coordinate schedules to ensure that hosted events occur on a variety of days and times; hosted events will be identified on the integrative learning co-curricular calendar.

Our hope is that by engaging with the mentor program, students develop stronger academic and social connections, deepen their understanding of the co-curricular requirements, broaden their knowledge of available resources and how to access them and are more likely to persist at GVSU. The mentor program is designed to support students and faculty at varying levels of engagement; there is no requirement that any one participate, and there are multiple points of entry for students. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or want more information about any aspect of the program!

To Request a Classroom Visit or Resource Tour:

Call our office @ 616-331-8200, email, or fill-out the online classroom visit or resource tour request form



Meet the Co-Curricular Peer Mentors for W19

photo of the winter 2019 peer mentors

Congratulations to our Peer Mentors; Nokomis Clary-Schultz, Anna Szalay, Chava Ymker, and Julia Ervin, who lead a workshop entitled," Student to Student:The Effectiveness of  Peer Mentorship" at the Leadership Summit held in Feb!