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Update on the impact of interim Q&A related to Title IX

October 02, 2017

The Department of Education has recently issued new interim Q&A for the application of Title IX. Grand Valley administration has reviewed the guidance and we want to assure you that its impact on our own policy and procedures is minimal.
In response to the interim Q&A, the only changes we are currently moving forward with are crafting a more detailed letter for the respondent, and removing the specified 60-day time limit for investigations. This flexibility is now offered in the interim Q&A and will allow for both continued timeliness of investigations but also the thoroughness that is required for investigations. The interim Q&A gives universities the choice to use the evidentiary standard of preponderance of the evidence or of clear and convincing evidence. While we will continue to seek feedback from the community, at this time, we will continue to use the former, maintaining consistency with the standard used in the adjudication of other student conduct violations. We will continue to discuss other options provided in the guidance and weigh their implementation against our overarching goal to create a safe and welcoming campus for all of our students.
While we await further guidance by the Department of Education, the Title IX Office will continue to assure timely, fair, equitable and neutral investigations, and to protect due process. We will continue to use best practices and work in collaboration with our campus and community partners.
As always, we encourage you to contact the Title IX Office if you have any questions, or to provide community input. You may also review the University’s current policy and procedures at More information about the Department of Education’s interim guidance is available here.

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