Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging E-Learning

For All GVSU Employees

Grand Valley State University has agreed to Reach Higher, and together, we have committed to being an inclusive and equitable community. As President Mantella has said, “Grand Valley will lead in inclusion and equity,” a model community that fosters and sustains a sense of belonging among all and addresses systemic issues that impact outcomes for those who have been historically excluded from higher education.
Our Reach Higher 2025 commitment to building a culture of educational equity requires continual education, learning, and understanding. To that end, we are pleased to continue our foundational learning session Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging E-Learning available now via Blackboard for all GVSU employees. We are partnering with EverFi, a leading educational technology provider with more than 2,000 customers and seven million learners worldwide, to provide this training. Our hope is these tools equip us to work together in an equitable and inclusive environment where everyone can thrive. Some highlights of the e-training include:

  • Seven modules seeking to demonstrate how every one of us has both an opportunity and a responsibility to shape our culture.
  • An opportunity to engage at your own pace to practice noticing and appropriately responding to perceptions and behaviors—of others and, possibly, your own—that can undermine a feeling of belonging.
  • Specific topics on identity, power dynamics, bias, microaggressions, and allyship.
  • A time to stretch yourself if the content feels new or reflect more deeply if it feels familiar.

We ask that all staff complete these e-learning modules this every 3 years. You can access the training by logging into Blackboard and clicking on the “Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging at GVSU” organization.

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This effort advances President Mantella's 15-point charge for racial equity which included “universal training for all members of our university community on social justice, power, privilege, and anti-racism.” These e-learning modules should not be viewed as a singular effort or experience. Our goal is to offer a variety of leadership, professional, and organizational development opportunities focused on diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, and belonging in the months and years ahead.

IEI Learning Opportunities

We want to recognize the knowledge, skills, and contributions of the Network of Advisors for Racial Equity, Division of Inclusion and Equity, Inclusion and Equity Institute, Human Resources Office, Pew Faculty Teaching and Learning Center, eLearning, and members of the University Academic Senate. This work would not be possible without your continued support, expertise, and guidance.
We also invite your feedback on the module, particularly from the many of you who are longtime advocates and experts in these areas. We are also available to assist should the module raise any questions or desire for further conversation. Do not hesitate to reach out as you consider creating space with your teams for dialogue. Contact staff in the Division of Inclusion and Equity at [email protected], The Inclusion and Equity Institute at [email protected], or us directly at [email protected] and [email protected] .         


Thanks to each of you for doing your part to: Learn. Understand. Act. Lead. Continue to follow our progress at www.gvsu.edu/inclusion/action.

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Page last modified April 19, 2023