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When does I am Grand Valley occur?
Nominations are accepted annually in November.  In December, nominated students will receive an email to notify them of their nomination.  Nominated students are required to fill out a response form to accept their nomination in order to be officially listed as a recipient and have their materials available in January at the annual leadership reception.

How are nominated students recognized?
Nominated students (who complete the response form) are recognized annually in January at the I am Grand Valley Leadership Reception with an "I am Grand Valley" t-shirt and certificate.

What else does the campaign entail?
Student Life encourages students to wear their I am Grand Valley t-shirts on the first Wednesday of every month to recognize student leaders and to encourage campus leadership.  

How many nominations were there in the past years?
I am Grand Valley has recognized thousands of students the past decade. The early years of I am Grand Valley recognized a few hundred students with more students each year. 2015 set the record for having over 1900 nominations!

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Page last modified June 29, 2017