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Tourism Requirements

The Tourism Management emphasis requires 15 credits.

Complete the following:
HTM 202 International Tourism (3 cr)
   Prerequisite: HTM 101 is recommended
HTM 235 Tourism and Recreation Management (3 cr)
HTM 402 Tourism Policy Issues (3 cr)
   Prerequisite: HTM 202 or permission

Plus, choose a minimum of six (6) credits of additional major electives from the group:
GPY 220 Cultural Geography (3 cr) OR GPY 235 World Regional Geography (3 cr)
HTM 268 Adventure Tourism (3 cr)
HTM 275 Culinary Tourism (3 cr)

HTM 323 Festival and Special Event Management (3 cr)
   Prerequisite: HTM 101
HTM 368 Geotourism (3 cr)

Additional course options may be available with HTM Faculty Mentor approval.