Program Description

At Grand Valley State University (GVSU), the Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM) offers a practical, management-oriented program that seeks to integrate theory with experience. The program was established in 1977 in response to the need for professionally trained managers. The HTM program offers a Bachelor of Science degree with an emphasis in the following areas: Food and Beverage Management, Lodging Management, Meeting and Event Management, Recreation and Leisure Management, and Tourism Management.  We also offer two options for a minor which are Hospitality and Tourism Management and Adventure Tourism Management. Our program also builds upon Grand Valley's tradition of a liberal arts orientation. More information on the Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management can be found in the University Catalog.

We are dedicated to personal attention to students, professionalism, and practical application. HTM students complete 1000 hours of industry work in the form of internships, and are expected to display excellent written and oral communication skills, and a high degree of professionalism.

Our program includes international, transfer, non-traditional, and out-of-state students, as well as those from all over the state of Michigan.  With vibrant student organizations, majors have the opportunity to interact professionally and socially with their fellow students, the faculty, and industry experts.

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