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Patty Janes, Professor

Patty Janes, Professor

Engaging With Others to Assist With Festival Research...A Partnership Between Festivals/Events and Universities

Community-Based Learning is a "hot" topic on college and university campuses; although a movement for over three decades, the concept of an academic institution achieving its objectives by working outside the institution's four walls, and alongside the industry is becoming more mainstream.  It is a teaching methodology designed to integrate student learning in academic courses while engaging with the community.  This work is based on reciprocal and mutually beneficial partnerships between instructors, students, and community organizations.  This new trend formalizes relationships with the community and is largely based on a Kellogg Commission report (2001, 2002) suggesting colleges/universities "become more engaged with communities through collaborative partnership, rather than as experts with pre-conceived solutions to complex problems" (Fitzgerald, 2012).

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