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Megan Stevens - 2012/2013

Megan Stevens - 2012/2013

The Lois Searles ‘Unpaid Internship’ Scholarship Award was established to assist students who are pursuing an unpaid internship to gain experience in the hospitality and tourism industries. This award will assist a student who may not otherwise have the opportunity to accept an unpaid internship position in the field of Hospitality & Tourism Management.

Recipients for this scholarship shall have been accepted for or currently enrolled at Grand Valley State University.  They must be an undergraduate student and enrolled as a full time student, have a declared major in Hospitality and Tourism Management, enrolled in internship course (HTM 290,390 or 490), shall be making satisfactory academic progress according to the norms established by the University, and must demonstrate financial need by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). 


"Hello! I am a senior at Grand Valley State University in the HTM program with an emphasis in Lodging and a minor in Business.  I was originally in the Accounting program at Grand Valley when I decided that working at hotels and resorts was what I wanted to do.  I have completed two internships: one at Mai Tiki Resort in Oscoda and the other at Sophia’s House in Grand Rapids.  I am currently doing my last internship at Sophia’s House as well.

I am very thankful for the Lois Searles Scholarship.  This scholarship has helped me pay for my internship and summer tuition.  This internship has reinforced that the hospitality field is the field that I want to work in.  Sophia’s House has given me a great opportunity to learn so much.  In addition, because everyone who stays there has to be a patient, be related to a patient, or be friends visiting a patient, this experience is unlike most.  The Lois Searles Scholarship has made it so that I do not have to worry about how I will get the money to pay for classes this summer and has let me put my focus on my internship to learn as much as possible.

 After I graduate, I hope to get a job that grants me the opportunity to travel around the country and world.  I believe that there would be no better way to see the world than getting to live and work in different areas and meet the people who live and visit there."

Megan Stevens

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