Adventure Tourism Management Minor

Students in HTM and other majors may minor in Adventure Tourism Management (ATM) by completing a total of 21 credits as outlined below. Students should consider at least one field experience course in their minor program. Interested students must meet with the HTM Program Director to establish a specific plan in advance.

Adventure Tourism Management (ATM) Minor Guide:

Students must complete ALL of the following Core courses (12 credits):

  • HTM 235 – Tourism & Recreation Management (3 cr)
  • HTM 268 – Adventure Tourism (3 cr)
  • HTM 368 – Geotourism (3 cr)
  • NRM 420 – Wildland Recreation Management (3 cr)

Choose two (2) Fitness, Skill and Activity (FIT) courses from the following:

  • FIT 119 - Outdoor Skills/Snowshoeing (1 cr)
  • FIT 128 - Rock Climbing (1 cr)
  • FIT 153 - Sailing-Large Boat (1 cr)
    (or other FIT courses with approval of HTM Department Chair or Assistant Chair)

Choose a minimum of seven (7) credits of additional electives from the group:

  • HTM 202 – International Tourism (3 cr)
  • HTM 290/HTM 390/HTM 490 – Adventure Tourism Based Field Experience (2 cr)*
  • NRM 300 – Ethical Recreation: Leave No Trace (1 cr)
  • MGT 330 – Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management (3 cr)
  • MGT 345 – Team Building (3 cr)
  • MGT 364 – Service Operations Management (3 cr)
  • NRM 451 – Natural Resource Policy (3 cr)

    *Students minoring in ATM are encouraged to consider including at least one field experience course in their program.  MGT, NRM, MOV appropriate adventure based internships may be included (with HTM Internship Coordinator approval).

Adventure Tourism student at the annual Ice Fest in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Adventure Tourism instructor, Robert Robins, has brought many students interested in adventure tourism to the annual Ice Fest in Munising, MI, in the Upper Peninsula, for a weekend full of ice climbing and other events.

Would you like to have a conversation about this minor?

For more information about the Adventure Tourism Minor, please contact Dr. Kristy Jack, HTM Program Director, at

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