About Us

The Human Research Review Committee (HRRC) at GVSU is charged with reviewing all research protocols involving human participants to ensure research is conducted ethically and in compliance with federal, state, and local regulations. The HRRC is comprised of 18 members who meet the requirements for human subjects in research review as established by the federal Office of Human Research Protections.

Contact Us:

Jeffrey Potteiger, Ph.D.: Authorizing Institutional Official, Research Integrity Officer, Dean of The Graduate School

Office Address: 310C Richard M DeVos Center

Email: potteigj@gvsu.edu 

Phone: 616-331-7207 

Rebecca Davis, Ph.D., R.N.: Interim Co-Chair of the HRRC

Office Address: 364 Cook-DeVos Center for Health Sciences

Email: davirebe@gvsu.edu 

Phone: 616-331-3079


Kevin Lehnert, Ph.D., M.B.A.: Interim Co-Chair of the HRRC

Office Address: 3116 L. William Seidman Center

Email: lehnertk@gvsu.edu

Phone: 616-331-7471

Robert Smart, Ph.D.: Vice Provost for Research Administration, Executive Director for the CSCE

Office Address: 049 James H Zumberge Hall 

Email: smartr@gvsu.edu 

Phone: 616-331-2281

Adverse Impact Reporting

If you notice or experience adverse impact in human subjects research, contact the Office of Research Compliance and Integrity immediately! 

Office Address: 049 James H Zumberge Hall 

Email: rci@gvsu.edu 

Phone: (616) 331-3197 

Federalwide Assurance

GVSU's FWA#: 00002829 (Expiration Date: Jan. 9, 2021)

GVSU's Human Research Review Committee is registered with the Office for Human Research Protections.

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