Referral Program

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Referral Bonus

Earn an extra $250!

Submit a referral and earn $250* when your referral is hired! 

When the referred employee completes their 6-month probationary period, they'll earn a $500 bonus!

This bonus is applicable for the referral and subsequent hire of Facilities Services staff positions, specifically Custodial Services, Grounds Maintenance, Building Maintenance, Material and Mail Distribution, and Service Staff. 


Program Guidelines

  • If an employee submits a referral and that referral is hired by the university, the employee who submitted the referral will receive $250.  
  • When the referred employee completes their probationary period of 6-months of employment, they will receive a $500 bonus.
  • At the time of payment, both the new employee and the referring employee must be employed by the university. 
  • All university employees (including student employees) are eligible for the referral bonus, with the following exceptions:
    • Those at vice president level and above;
    • Human Resources personnel; and
    • Supervisors with hiring authority over the referred candidate. 
  • The referred candidate must submit an application for the open position through the applicant tracking system.
  • To be eligible, the candidate referral form must be completed and submitted within the first 3 months of the candidate’s start date. 
  • In the event multiple employees refer a candidate, the referral bonus will be only be granted to one referrer.
  • Only candidates who meet the essential required qualifications for the position will be considered.
  • All information regarding the hiring process and decisions will remain confidential.
  • This program may be discontinued at any time.

Page last modified March 10, 2022