PSS Evaluation - Performance Development Program

Performance Evaluation Form

Suggested Workflow:

1. The supervisor digitally fills out the form, leaving Section D and the signature/date areas blank

2. The supervisor prints off a hard copy of the form (with filled out information) and meets with the employee to discuss. 

3. The employee being reviewed handwrites their comments in Section D and signs/dates the form.

4. The supervisor signs/dates the form and scans, then emails to GV Performance Management.

Form Downloads:

NEW: PSS Performance Evaluation Form Word Document

*PSS Performance Evaluation Form (For Print Only)*Only use this link if you are printing off a hard copy and filling the entire document out by hand. 

Form Guidelines

Section I

  • Basic information gathering; the supervisor will provide the name of employee who is being reviewed, their G#, job title AND department, the supervisor's name, and the review period dates. 

Section II A

  • Includes eight different performance categories (and one category up to specific department discretion), with five progressive degrees of evaluation.
    • The supervisor will read each category carefully, and use the checkboxes to assign a rating to the aforementioned category. 
    • Next, the supervisor will provide additional comments and examples that justify their rating, located in the furthest right column of boxes.

Section II B & C

  • The supervisor can offer additional insight, and reflect on the employee’s past performance. 

Section II E

  • The supervisor assigns the employee an overall rating, using the checkboxes. 

Section II D

  • The employee may offer their own comments on the supervisor's evaluation.

Form Q&A

Yes. Due to some issues with PDF's backwards compatibility/accessibility in general, we are (temporarily) exclusively utilizing Microsoft Word's form function instead of a PDF. 

No. Unlike Adobe Acrobat Pro, everyone within the university should have access to Microsoft Word. There is no need to convert the file format of the Word document. Simply fill it out, save it, and send it in its original file state. 

With Microsoft Word forms, thankfully the grey shading is just so you know where to input text. When you send it to print, the shading outlines will disappear. 

Some have asked various questions about the text input formatting of the document. 

  • If your paragraph text goes between two pages, that is perfectly okay! OnBase will still capture all of it.
  • There is no text entry limit!

If you have any further questions or concerns about the form, please reach out to HR Intern at: