On Campus Login

If you are logging into UltraTime on campus, use the "Login to UltraTime" button. If you are off campus or are not using a GVSU issued computer, you must be connected to the GVSU VPN in order to access UltraTime.


  • Make sure your pop-up blocker turned off, and make sure to add UltraTime as a trusted site. Learn how to add UltraTime as a trusted site.
  • Maximize window before logging in.
  • Login to UltraTime using your network ID and password, not your G-number.

Login to UltraTime

Off Campus Login: GVSU VPN

All faculty, staff, and students will need to connect to the GVSU VPN if:

  • You are logging into UltraTime off campus.
  • You're on campus and connected to GVSU wifi, but are not using a networked computer.

Once connected to the GVSU VPN, you will be be able to login directly to UltraTime.

Note: The VPN and UltraTime login information is the same as your network ID and password, not your G-number.

Instructions: Download, Install, and Set Up Ivanti Secure Access VPN

Login to UltraTime

UltraTime User Guides

Common Problems

Having trouble with UltraTime? Check out our UltraTime FAQ or give us a call at (616) 331-2237. 

Page last modified May 15, 2023