On Campus Login

If you are logging into UltraTime on campus, use the "Login to UltraTime" button. If you are off campus using a GVSU issued computer, you must be connected to your GVSU VPN in order to access UltraTime.


Login to UltraTime

Login to UltraTime using your GVSU Network Credentials.

Off Campus Login


If you are logging into UltraTime from off campus, you must be connected to the GVSU VPN.

VPN Help:


  • Windows users: Faculty and staff working remotely using a GVSU issued Windows 8 or Windows 10 computer can access without connecting to the GVSU VPN and should use the "Login to UltraTime" button as if connecting from on campus
  • Mac or personal computer users: Faculty and staff working remotely on a personal computer or a Macintosh will need to use the GVSU VPN. Click link above for Faculty/Staff for instructions on setting up and using the VPN.

How to set up your VPN


If you're on campus connected to GVSU wifi, but not directly on a networked computer, you will need to use the VPN/Pulse Secure login. Follow the instructions for how to set up your VPN.

The VPN and UltraTime login information if the same as your network ID and password, not your G-number.

Student VPN Access

UltraTime User Guides

Common Problems

Having trouble with UltraTime? Check out our UltraTime FAQ or give us a call at (616) 331-2237. 

Page last modified September 9, 2022