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Getting Started - General Overview (updated 2/3/17)
Merge Fields for Appointment Letters  (updated 10/14/16)
Reasons for Non-Selection (updated 3/28/18)
Users and Abilities (Who can do what) (updated 10/12/16)
Job Approval Process (updated 11/14/16)
*New* Interview Approval Process (updated 04/05/18)
Final Candidate Approval Process (updated 12/2/16)

Search Chair and Search Chair Assistant
Getting Started - Search Chair and Search Chair Assistants (updated 2/3/17)
Creating a Job Card (updated 11/14/16)
Application Statuses and Confirm Status Change (updated 11/14/16)
Assistant to Dean/Appointing Officer / Search Chair / Search Chair Assistant – Applicant Review (updated 1/5/17)
Scheduling Interviews and Interview Status Change (updated 1/5/17)
Final Candidate and Offer (updated 1/5/17)
Letters of Recommendation (updated 11/14/16)
Bulk Communicate to Applicants (updated 1/5/17)
Bulk Export - List of Applicants (updated 2/3/17)
Bulk Move the Status of Multiple Applicants (updated 5/23/17)
How to Print Offer Documents (updated 2/3/17)

Search Committee
Getting Started - Search Committee (updated 11/14/16)
Search Committee - Applicant Review (updated 11/14/16)

Supervisor/Delegate Onboarding Portal – Quick Reference Guide (updated 11/2/17)
Supervisor/Delegate Onboarding Portal Video Training (updated 11/2/17)

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